Drummer Dreamer
Drummer Dreamer- WHITE GUITAR (Novembre 2017)
The white guitar invited a drummer
 01 Space Crash
Collision in space. The whawha-guitar joins the immeasurable sound masses of the saturated bass on mechanical rhythms. The speed of the amplified light reveals a moment of pure energy before joining the limbs of hyperspace.
 02 Pink Noise Bell
This throbbing rhythmic leads us to a quest for absolute reparative harmonies. Finally we can hope to get out of these monolithic tunnels to lyrical flights. The universe thus described demonstrates the contribution of the saturated guitar to the galactic music. Who will still be ringing those pink noise bells?
03 Antimatière
Diving into the cosmopolitan and chromatized universe of the BassBall. The invigorating gap of sound material with spirituality.

04 Brown Caoutchouc
Back to the elasticity of the elastic material.

05 Yellow Bird
A strange gravity emerges from the subject of this galactic guitar, this low tortured and these futuristic rhythms.