Ivanohé- WHITE GUITAR (Novembre 2016)
The white guitar .
01 Ivanohé
A journey to the infinite expanses of the Middle Ages to post-modernity. Knights of the new times in unknown space to assault multicolored galaxies.
02 Ivanohé
Still in the exploration of the depths of the charismatic and unconscious universe, the shift towards a constructivist and multilateral collective embodies the new hope of the guardian cathedrals of space continuum time.
03 Ivanohé
Proveess generosity and fidelity.

04 Ivanohé
The imperial pulsation through the forest fields makes this unique and unusual work the turning point of the symbolism of the dominant thought, the first fruits of a temporal thrill.

05 Ivanohé
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06 Ivanohé
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07 Ivanohé
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08 Ivanohé
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09 Ivanohé
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10 Ivanohé
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12 Ivanohé
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