Les white guitar .
01 Blues Burger
Lyrical flights on celestial and impregnable mechanics. 
A vision of the end of the world with measured but palpable optimism.
02 String Girl
Life on Earth still allows intra-temporal exploration. 
A shortcut between medieval guitars and an intangible rhythm, 
The gradual opening of feelings towards a deserved infinity of subtle and progressive blends.
03 Wash Me
The underwater world finally opens to the infinitely big. 
The great washing machine of the universe.

 04 Artiste
The sirens of the space police underlie a militarized universe colonized by the forces of extravagant and extra-community totalitarianism. 
Can hope be reborn from these constructivist utopias?

05 Canari
The help provided by the Iberian electric elegance makes it possible to clear the new shores that will be tomorrow the safety boards of the dreamy utopian dreamers.

06 Hydrogène
Exotic machinery in a world of bullies.

07 Nombril
Questioning again and again. What will be the stakes of tomorrow for this exarched mercantality that makes our finite universe symbolized by the unexpected stop of the transport machine?
 08 Mona
The interaction of the protagonists through a constructivist dialogue allows a rise in the level of consciousness from quantum to infinitely large.

 09 Nain Vert
The howling seagulls on a seabed to an infinity of coastal shades. An allegory towards a common destiny.

 10 Time Painting
The comings and goings of the surveillance of the masses from the watchtowers of the casemates. Locked in monopolistic certainties, the doves of the ethers will remain the ghosts of the virtuous.